Our Stories


This series of stories have been written by Wellcome Trust PhD students at the University of Edinburgh, as part of a project to bring young neuroscientists closer to understanding the needs of communities affected by developmental genetic conditions.
The students would like to thank FOXG1 UK and the families for participating in this project. We hope that this work will help to increase awareness of FOXG1 syndrome and be used as a source of information for those affected by it in the future.
FOXG1 UK  are grateful to Edbinburgh University for the interest they have shown in FOXG1 syndrome and the help they have given us in raising awareness of the condition.

'The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.


Meet Peggy and Emily

Meet Tina and Kyle

Meet Allan and Megan

Emma and Hugh

Meet Konnie and Jae

Meet Judith and Stuart

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